Art direction, Branding, Graphic

The term wellness is an extension and evolution of the concept of fitness, specifically refers to a philosophy of life that puts the well-being of the person at the center of attention proposing moments of relaxation, because to distance yourself from everyday life and take care of your self is sometimes necessary.

Aquaform places the human being, his needs, his emotions and sensations at the centre of its daily research. Every product idea is the result of strong know-how and a study of man’s needs, because life is a precious value that must be preserved.

Starting from these assumptions, after a careful phase of analysis of the positioning, we considered it fundamental to bring out all these aspects through a clean, refined and simple image.

In the redesign of the logo we have chosen to emphasize reassuring, enveloping, calming aspects using the Circular font, sans serif font with geometric design but with details that give it a lot of warmth and roundness.

The company’s colors are reminiscent of nature, a central point of reference for well-being, with the use of the graduation element, which in the common imagination leads back to steam, to the smoke of a relaxing hot tub in a cold winter.

A strong and explicit corporate image was outlined and we projected the principles of aquaform, designing all the sales tools, from the new catalogue to the price list, company presentations and photographic project, defining the image in its entirety.

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