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BSBEERS is a brand of Italian handcrafted beer, which believes in the quality of its gastronomic production and in the sophistication of its aesthetic. It offers a fresh and sophisticated product, born among the big waves ridden by surfboards and the urban ramps of the skateboarders, which squeezes an eye to the contemporary urban life, without forgetting the quality of the traditional Italian manufacturing.

We were commissioned to create the rebranding and the redesign of the logo, the label and the cork. Inspired by the strong dynamism of this family-managed brewery, our project aims to modernize the typical design bound to the traditional handcrafted beer production.

From this mingling between forwardness and essentiality comes our idea of a simple but strong brand: the greeting sign that adorns the cork and the claims, which represent and mock some frequent modern tendencies, express the dynamicity and forward originality of the product.

The labels, printed in serigraphy color on paper Tintoretto Balck Pepper ultra WS gr. 80, bring in abbreviated form the ancient traditional nomenclature, mirroring the simplicity and spontaneity of the mark: MRL for the blonde Marlene,
KBR for the red Kabir, and HRM for the Weisse Herman.

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