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Café Gramsci is a daytime bar in the historical centre of Brescia, located on one of the city’s most elegant shopping streets.

For this client, we have taken care of the entire branding renewal project. Starting from the two souls that coexist in this cafe, an innovative island in a conservative setting, and from the will to mirror them into a synthetic and immediate brand, we decided to modify the traditional graphemes that, in the universal language, compose the word “coffee”, replacing them with just one graphic unit, which serves simultaneously as symbol and logotype. 

CAFFE > C(_)

It immediately recalls the simple and strong taste of a good Italian coffee, as well as the warmth and authenticity of the place, and at the same time it communicates in an easy and universal language, as an invite to a colleague or a friend to drink a coffee together .

The simple but original choice of this contemporary graphic, as well as the Brandon Grotesque font, with its rounded shapes, is offset by a more classic and rigid structure, to better express this union between nobility and genuine simplicity.
A refined but minimalist branding, like the bar it represents.

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