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Giacomo is the most famous athletic trainer on instagram, exploded about two years ago simply publishing the results of his patients on social media, now has 180 thousand insta followers including Serie A footballers and various people of the show.

Giacomo is a determined, dynamic professional with a strong passion for his work, so when we thought about his characteristics we created a logo strong and recognizable building up a brand identity full of strength and dynamism.

Neutral colors such as white, black and gray are contrasted with a sparkling and energetic yellow that leaves no time to rest.

In the choice of the fonts we thought to tell the story of the transformation, that every day Giacomo lives in his work, through the choice of two very different fonts: a rigorous and decisive condensed and a round and accommodating sans serif, two aspects absolutely present in Giacomo. Geographies that transform curves that become defined, everything moves upwards towards results beyond the imaginable.

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