GUMMY INDUSTRIES is a communication agency that deals with developing and diffusing digital culture, in a cooperative and innovative environment. For this company we have taken care of the interior design project. We have combined a practical subdivision of spaces with an eclectic pop aesthetic, faithful to the spirit of the company.

Benefiting from the original conformation of the building, a two level open space, the room has been divided into many areas, preceded by a meeting area that exploits the natural light coming from the glass window. The individual work areas and the bookcases prefer a lighter tone of wood, intercut with coloured metal and adorned with a casual sofa for moments of relax. Upstairs, a multitasking room is adorned with furniture on wheels, which allow to give to the room each time a different configuration, depending on your needs.

The choice of colours exploits the traditional CMYK typographic chromatic scheme: the setting, made of expanded metal sheets and vertical wood panels, is furnished with coatings and cushions in bright magenta shades. Part of the furniture recalls a more street soul, from the picnic table and the bench of the relax room, to the interior trees that adorn the coffee tables, in a syncretic experiment between the world of communication and the audacious and free spirit of the company.

Photographer Ottavio Tomasini

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