Graphic project of new Album "Birthday"

IL SOGNO is a trio of Italian, Danish and Polish musicians, inspired by opera and classical jazz as well as more minimalist and experimental trends. With their musical project, they intend to combine improvisation and narration, creating a musical space that can never be defined, always between different genres. We edited the branding and the graphics of their first album “Birthday”, both in its CD and vinyl version.

The front of the cover is entirely occupied by one of Emanuele Maniscalco’s photographic creations.
The image recalls the theme of the celebration,
present both in their compositions and in the title of the album,
in a sort of birthday of music itself.

For the back of the album, we took inspiration from the melodic lines to graphically represent their compositions, translating into alphanumeric signs the succession of notes, track after track. These signs recall a modern digital world, only apparently in antithesis with the sounds of the album: the musical experimentation mixing with more classical elements is reflected in the endless succession of lines and dots that fill the cover.

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