Max Mara Easytravel

Art direction, Branding, Graphic

Travelling is one of the most beautiful things, especially in comfort. 

Max Mara Leisure with EASYTRAVEL has created a line of clothing for women who travel, a product that has technical features that ensure that they stay comfortable without sacrificing style.
We thought of translating this concept into the study of the experience of how a user approaches the label and the information it usually contains.

So we created the concept of a “talking label”, an innovative label, sublimation printing, which would tell in a gentle and clear all the features of the collection as a airport signs, with graphic symbols immediately on the back inside and with a descriptive text in the pocket bag.

We crowned this concept study with the choice of a branding that is simple in its entirety, essential, immediate and intuitive, proposing a sans serif font with clear, round lines that could give the user a sense of comfort and calm.

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