Logo, Branding

Metaliquid is a media data company, which deals with extrapolating specific data from videos on the Network, and then processing them in a graph which illustrates the dynamic and interconnected flow of information.

For this company we designed the logo and the branding, redefining both colours and graphic languages.

A cinematographic film, with its sinuous movement, models the initial letter of the brand. In the pure and candid exterior facade, one can recognize the most direct and superficial components of a video production, understandable to everybody in its immediacy. But behind it, an unexplored territory of metadata lies, hidden by the sinusoidal movement

and made up of geometric fillings barely outlined, ready to be explored by a careful and curious eye.

The saturated colours, the use of the gradient and the choice of the Bold font also contribute to paint the world of technology as a virgin territory, rich in information and meanings ready to be discovered.

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