Graphic project of Album "Una piccola tregua"

Released in 2016 and critically acclaimed as one of the most exciting and innovative record on the Italian music scene, “Una piccola tregua” is Paolo Cattaneo’s fourth album, innovative in its sonic choices and revolutionary in its artistic eclecticism.

For this artist we edited the album graphic design, in its CD and vinyl versions. Taking inspiration from Ilaria Magliocchetti’s pictures and from the soft and delicate musical tones, the graphics want to convey the same sense of lightness and deep calm.

Respecting the centrality of the photographic image, the graphic signs float in empty spaces like suspended light snowflakes. The choice of white tones contributes chromatically to the sense of candour and softness.

The ecological and recycled paper used for the cover, the Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum White, velvety to the touch and with high printing performances, contributes to the sensation of soft delicacy of the musical and aesthetical project, by referring to the uncontaminated virginity of the natural environment.

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