Logo, Branding

SIGNATURE ELEMENT is a scouting agency operating in the Dubai fashion industry, with decades of experience in promoting and placing models, fully satisfying international clients and agents.

For this agency we have taken care of the logo design and of the whole brand identity.

Our starting point was the elegance, refinement and international ambition that characterize this company. The fusion between the company name, which recalls the irreproducible originality of a signature, and the female figure with its sinuous and elegant lines has given rise to an apparently autographed symbol, in which the soft and rounded lines are accentuated, accompanied by an elegant logotype, with golden colours and a graceful line.

Both the logo and the branding, in gold on a black or white background, give the brand a delicate but well-defined graphic, emphasizing that elegance which is an irreplaceable part of the company identity.

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